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Every month, the MOMS Club® of Reston, Herndon and Sterling coordinates outdoor and virtual activities for mothers and/or their children to attend. All members are welcome to attend any club event.

MOMS Club events are a great way for moms to get together. We explore the community at various outdoor locations and participate in local and creative virtual events. These events are held either online or in Reston, Herndon or Sterling.
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Kid-Friendly Activities and Outings Daily

MOMS Club of Reston, Herndon and Sterling coordinates several kid-friendly activities every month in Northern Virginia. We've gone on hikes, met up at Frying Pan Park in Herndon, and toured the police station in Reston. We've also participated in online cooking classes and storytimes. Every month brings new activities for members and their kids to do together.

Moms' Night Out Monthly

Each month, we offer a moms' night - or lunch - or coffee - out. Sometimes this is at a local restaurant for dinner or dessert but we've also done a movie night, escape room, self-defense class and a paint and sip class.

Family Events and Service Projects

Throughout the year, we host family events and service projects. Our most popular events are Halloween, Easter and the End of Summer Picnic.

Event Calendar